Gifts are a natural way to mark an occasion – especially if they are thoughtful and not perishable. Now that we’ve established that you can take gifts to a bachelorette party without breaking etiquette, its time to explore the perfect last-minute gift ideas. The goal here is to avoid delivering something similar to one or more party attendees.

    Do you buy gifts for a bachelorette party? While gifts aren’t a must, showing up with something for the bride-to-be is thoughtful and a way to make the event brilliant, especially if you are a very close friend.

    What’s a Good Gift for a Bachelorette Party?

    The best gift always starts with understanding the recipient and what she likes. If she is a close friend, you can observe this from your day-to-day interactions. If she is not, do some research to figure out tastes like favorite colors, hobbies, and dreams.

    After that, you can browse through our ideas to latch onto something and find a suitable gift for your friend. Avoid last-minute rushes, online store top-rated purchases, or unspirited purchases as you might end up with something she already has or another guest has on tow. I picked my Wedding photos to be printed on Wallpics, and they came out amazing! Im so glad I chose this service.

    1. Lingerie Subscription

    A lingerie subscription is a great way to ensure that your girl goes into marriage in style. Even if she doesn’t like wearing it, the constant stream will tantalize her and add some flourish to her new marital bedroom.

    2. A Customized Friendship Bracelet

    Friendship bracelets are a good way to keep memories intact. She will remember you and your antics every time she sees it in her jewelry closet. Just ensure that you go for a high-quality piece that is good looking and won’t fade away in a month or two.

    3. A Recipe Book

    While some people like eating out or ordering food, many families want to enjoy quality meals prepared in their kitchen. A recipe book is a great way to kickstart this and fit in well if the bride-to-be loves cooking. You can further customize the book by going with regional cuisines from your friend’s culture or the husband’s culture. If they are all the same, go for something unique, you know she loves.

    recipe book gift

    4. A Complete Customized Guest Book

    Remember the yearbook you had from high school? Do you know how easy it is to remember friends and almost anyone by just staring at it? Well, get a customized book with enough pages for everyone at the party (you will need insider information for this.) Snap pics of everyone and have them scribble something next to the page where you stick their photo, then present it to the bride to be after the party.

    5. A Customized Bride Bangle

    Jewelry to the rescue – again! This time, go for a high-quality bangle inscribed with some celebratory messages or good wishes. You don’t have to include a ‘from’ message. If it is good enough, she will love and cherish it forever.

    6. Her Favorite Celebrity Shout-Out

    Social media has made interaction with our favorite celebrities easier than before. Some exploit this new point of contact by offering free or paid shoutouts to their fans on their birthdays, weddings, and (guess it) bachelorette parties. Figure out her favorite social media platform and find one of her favorite celebrities to give her a shoutout on that special day.

    personalized makeup mirror

    7. Customized Compact Makeup Mirrors

    Squinting into the mirror on your car visors or in the folds of your clutch back might get the job done, but it isn’t as stylish as holding up an ornate customized compact mirror with a message to match your sass. The gift is as functional as it is ornamental, making it perfect subtle jewelry.

    8. Personalized Cocktail Cups

    Most bachelorette parties are bound to have drinks of some sort. Bringing over some classy insulated cocktail cups ensure that the drinks stay at the right temperature and don’t spill as guests dance around. The cocktail cups will be the property of the bride-to-be. Memorable and functional.

    9. Scrunchies for Her Hair

    Scrunchies are a great way to keep hair in place at night or during those lazy stay-at-home weekends without necessarily having to tie the hair into a bun. They are warm, comfortable, and cute. If she will be sharing a bed with someone (we hope she will), scrunchies will be a great way to keep her hair organized with minimum effort stylishly.

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    10. An Instant Camera

    Instant cameras might seem useless in the high-resolution smartphone camera era, but their novelty will always intrigue. Bring a new one to the party and use it to snap some of those Bachelorette Party book photos. Don’t forget to take real digital photos too because instant camera ‘works’ might not be the best quality. But again, it’s not about the quality – the camera is unique, quirky, and a great way to add style to special occasions.

    The perfect bachelorette party gifts will be something from your heart that you know will excite the bride to be. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something they will keep with them forever. Memories generated from an awesome destination party or a visit to their dream spa will even get the job done. It is up to you to play into the bride-to-be’s biggest wishes and dreams.


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