How do you have a going away party? The question is typical among acquaintances ahead of their physical separation. Such experiences are heartbreaking and often emotionally overwhelming for the party attendants. For this reason, going away party games comes in handy to cheer up parting members while creating special memories. These games are suitable because they are loaded with unbounded fun appropriate for a happy going away party, read on.

    Going away party is exclusively a bittersweet occasion filled with farewells and well wishes particularly for those leaving. It is, therefore, the deepest desire and the hope of every party attendant that those going away will undoubtedly settle for something better. While those moving have an assurance of a better destination, their loved ones hardly stop to melt with mixed reactions of happiness and sadness –almost in equal measures. How do you plan a farewell party for a colleague? As you answer this critical question, it is also vital to include memorable and fun games for their farewell party.

    Top 10 best going away party games

    It is important to say goodbye before leaving your loved ones at the workplace or in your neighborhood. You can flexibly do this by throwing yourself or your close friend a farewell party and give everyone a chance to express their heartfelt sendoff messages. There are several going away party games activities you can include to spice up the party even more. Discussed here are some of the mind-blowing going away party games that will undoubtedly broaden smiles and make your going away experience more memorable for yourself and friends.

    1. Karaoke Sing-Off

    Karaoke game suits people of all ages. With proper theme songs, the game will not only entertain your guests but also guarantee endless fun. Luckily, it is up to the participants to pick their favorite songs and perform them to the deepest of the lungs. The game is highly emotional and will involve all participants alike through performance and listening.

    For this reason, it is desirable to prepare for this game ahead of time to make sure that all karaoke games are cutting edge electric. Add some more fun by allowing the guests to vote for the best performer then award them. Karaoke game will induce top pitch laughter as different contesters creatively strive for their best in the farewell party. The game is highly suitable for bonding before going away from your loved ones.

    2. Pie Eating Contest

    Make things a little unusual at your farewell party by including a pie eating contest game. Important to realize is that pie is delicious and there is no better way to share its lovely flavors than with a contest. Even better time the participants and they compete on who clears a plateful of pie hands-free. Graduate the contest to the semi-finals and finals to obtain the best pie eating participant for an award. The game will get your guests laughing and rib cracking as they cheer up their preferred participants. Also important is to pick an appropriate type of pie for even more fun experience in the contest. The game will end up in intricately woven sweet memories that will make the person going away want to come back soon.

    3. The Quiz Game

    By attending a going away party, it is assumed that participants know the host well enough. Wait until the quiz game hits the floor, then you will learn for sure that not all in attendance know much. Playing the game not only seeks hidden details surrounding the party host but also informs those in attendance about unknown personal information. The game is a better way of getting to learn about those going away positively and constructively. Further, the games explore their life through well-structured and straightforward questions poised for different groups. The quiz session borrows from various topics including education, family, workplace, and other personal achievements.

    4. What About going away team games?

    There is no fun in games without fiercely competitive teams. Come up with teams and contest in team games such as athletics, tug of war, volleyball, football, and tennis. These games are appropriate for all ages of participants and are better played outdoors in an open field. You can also play these games in a spacious living room and still harness a stream of fun. Your guests will certainly love to participate and cheer up as well to make the going away party exceedingly memorable among your loved ones, especially those in attendance. Take note that most of these games are played better with large groups of people. For this reason, you should consider inviting a good number of guest for this special day.

    5. Balloon Bursting

    Young people like blowing up stuff and this is a good game to let them have a good time at your farewell party. Interesting is that most adults will as well enjoy the game by bursting open a line of balloons strategically position against a high wall or any balloon-filled surface for that matter. Acquire toy guns and darts to make the bursting experience more challenging while maintaining the fun. Divide the participants into different teams and let them compete bursting as more balloons as they can using toy guns of throwing darts. Maintain a competitive count of trials and play inclusively to emerge with a winner. Besides kids, most adults often play the game at parties for there is no age limit after all.

    6. Farewell photography

    Come up with thoughtful photo-shoot ideas and create a memorable gallery as you send your loved ones off in style. Taking colorful pictures of the good moments at the party will continually remind yourselves of one another even when away. Photography is an artistic way of storing memories through electronic gadgets. Grab an excellent resolution camera and take some of the best shots in all possible styles you can imagine. Let the participants loosen their cool as they participate in this experience.

    7. Timed contest games

    There are several exciting contest games suitable for both kids and adults at a going away party. Stacking games, for instance, serve to cheer up guests by creatively stacking up cups to gain balance. The game looks easy but will end up challenging engaged teams such that there are endless laughs. Time the participants to make these games a little competitive and fun. Kids can also play more fun and less challenging games at the party such as painting and treasure hunt.

    8. Identity gameplay

    Also called guess who, the game is hilarious and will encourage excessive laughter while throwing yourself a perfect farewell party. Get all the guests to drop a note on their way in without indicating their names. The note should contain relevant information on the topic of the host and should remain authentic. The guest of honor should then read and guess who wrote the note. Make the game more interesting by having the guest of honor do an embarrassing thing every time they make a wrong guess. Also, pick a good reward for the guest of honor every time they make a correct guess. Keep the fun going!

    9. Shooting hoops

    The game is a perfect pick for basketball lovers with a hoop in their lawn. Randomly divide participants into groups and have them make limited shoots for a win. Even non-basketball fans can enjoy making shoots. Children love the game and will hardly get their hands off the ball as long as the party keeps going.

    10. Tug of War

    Divide participants into a couple of groups and have them stand in front of each other. Mark the middle line and make them pull a rope to make sure they do not cross to the territory of their opponents. As they draw, determine the winning team. Reverse the members and play again to observe the outcomes. The game is preferably suitable for adults and young people as opposed to children. Participants often prefer this outdoor game for its simplicity and unending fun that has kept it accessible over the ages.

    When planning, always remember to make sure that all the necessary going away party games supplies are readily available ahead of the party. In so doing, you will lessen frustrations linked to late supplies or no supplies at all. Remember that early preparations are the only way to make this special day a success. Equally important are good themes for going away party games to make them more attractive and entertaining. It goes without debate that farewells are never complete without creative and thoughtful going away party games.



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