Back in the times, inviting your friends for a sleepover could have been easy as having them come over with their machines so that you can set up a localized LAN party. While online multiplayer and PVP games still retain an aspect of local LAN games, they can’t beat the novelty of competing against people you can see in an in-house party.

    In this piece, we are going to give you a roundup of the best LAN party games that are entertaining and mildly demanding. We will be shooting for PC games that almost anyone with a decent laptop can load and play without worrying about their machine dropping frames or freezing in the middle of the game.

    Need for Speed Most Wanted

    • Genre: Racing
    • Player Limit: 4

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted is one of the most iconic games in the NFS franchise. The game is all about fast cars that can apparently ignore the laws of physics, relentless cop chases, and some interesting roads to tear up and down.

    While some argue that the storyline is shallow, this won’t matter in a LAN party since you’ll be focused on beating everyone else to emerge the winner.

    The game isn’t graphics intense and will run on almost any computer. Setting it up is simple and straightforward meaning that you can jump straight into the fun once every computer has the game installed and connected to the same network.

    Battlefield 2

    • Genre: FPS
    • Player Limit: 64

    While most FPS games have shifted to online multiplayer mods, you can still enjoy local co-op with Battlefield 2. Go for the original copy of the game and avoid installing any patches. People with less powerful computers can make do with the lowest graphics settings or medium and still make it through the game.

    You will be shooting it up as a US Marine, the People’s Liberation Army or a member of the Middle Eastern Coalition. These options in the core game are more than enough for a LAN party but you can extend reach with expansion packs (these might break LAN multiplayer, be careful.)

    If you find local co-op buggy, you can still default to online multiplayer without breaking the party.

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3

    • Genre: Turn Based Strategy
    • Player Limit: 2+, varies depending on the Map you’re playing

    Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia is an amazing turn-based strategy game that will push your reasoning, logic, and strategy skills to the fullest. It is easier to adopt especially if some of your visitors aren’t hard-core gamers.

    You don’t need the dexterity or experience needed to competitively play FPS or racing games.

    A quick course on the rules and how to control the game and you’ll be ready to set up a scenario that your LAN party can enjoy to its full contentment.


    • Genre: Coop FPS
    • Player Limit: 4

    This won’t be a great choice if you are looking for something that pits you against each other. FEARis all about an elite team of soldiers who are part of an Assault and Recon team in a horror setting.

    Your actions will determine how well the team survives each level making it a great team-building game. Only go for it if everyone in the LAN party is good at FPS games. You wouldn’t want to spoil the night by complaining one person is constantly pulling you down.

    Counter-Strike: Source

    • Genre: FPS
    • Player Limit: 32

    The graphics and animations might be outdated – but what do you expect from a game that launched back in 2004? The good thing is the game is guaranteed to run on virtually all laptops sold after 2010.

    You will most probably be a team of counter terrorists fighting against a team of terrorists. Victory is when you complete the objective or eliminate all members of the opposition. The game will be fast-paced, lethal, and entertaining.

    Civilization V

    • Genre: Turn Based Strategy
    • Player Limit: 12

    This is another turn-based strategy game that will be excellent for almost any audience. The game is kid-friendly and you can play it when hosting a LAN party that cuts across the age brackets without worrying about some embarrassing scenes.

    The game focuses on leading a civilization from prehistoric times and growing it into the most powerful empire ever. There is politics, diplomacy, military conquest and so much more making it a diverse version of the traditional Monopoly game many people will enjoy.


    • Genre: Action Adventure Sandbox
    • Player Limit: Sufficient

    Terraria brings out the creativity and wildest imagination in anybody. The game lets do anything you would in real life. There is shelter to build, resources to farm, and battles to fight.

    You can easily burn through the night in this game as long as your buddies in the LAN game are willing to let their imaginations and creativity flow.


    • Genre: Action Adventure Sandbox
    • Player Limit: Sufficient

    Last on the list is one of the most common sandbox games in the world so far. Chances are you’ve already have heard of it even if you are not a gamer. a LAN party would be a great way to try it out and explore its otherwise quirky features in company with your friends.

    You can make it more competitive by introducing goals or aspects that don’t otherwise exist in the basic single-player encounter.

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    Planing a LAN party is as simple as choosing the perfect game for the occasion. Ensure that you understand your visitors and choose something that they will enjoy and not sit out.

    You can also tell them the game you will be playing in advance so that they can download it and ensure it runs on their computer before showing up for the party.


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